5 jobs in the GTA that don’t require a degree

There are many roles out there that require having a certain degree. However, if you do not have one, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a job. There are plenty of jobs where certificates or diplomas are not part of the qualifications. Many employers offer certificate programs, apprenticeships, training on the job, and even vocational training that can help you educate yourself further – thus creating the opportunity for growth and advancement in your career.

If you are in Toronto and looking for a way to get yourself employed, but don’t hold a certain degree, here are a few jobs to which you can consider applying. Here are five no-degree jobs in Toronto.

  • Forklift operator

One of the first no-diploma jobs that will come up on your search list would be the forklift operator. If you are looking into this opportunity, you need to know that it is quite a regular job opening. You need to be able to operate various equipment that is ready for loading. Additionally, you’ll be tasked with moving materials and products, as well as loading and unloading them. A shipping bay will likely be included, where you will unload incoming trucks and load products and material onto outgoing trucks. You do not need a university degree to get this job, but in most cases, you should be prepared to provide a certain experience.

  • Different general labours

From warehouse associates to preparing job sites, general labour jobs in Toronto vary depending on what you would be going after. Some of them do not require much physical work, while others do. In this case, your previous qualifications might determine which kind of job you would get – whether it would be an entry-level position, a more physically demanding job, or maybe something that’s more advanced and requires previous experience in the field.

  • Driving Jobs

One of the most well-known no-diploma jobs is a driving job. Once you start looking for a no-degree job in Toronto, this one is bound to cross your way. Depending on the preferences of the company you want to apply for, all you need is a driving licence and a few years of experience. Remember that you might need special permission to drive larger vehicles than a car like trucks, buses or something akin to them.

  • Warehouse associate or a warehouse clerk

People that are looking for no-degree jobs in Toronto often stumble across this section of the labour jobs in Toronto. Being a warehouse associate or a warehouse clerk means you won’t be doing some heavy-lifting job, at least not necessarily. However, you will still actively participate in how the warehouse works. You might be in charge of the documents that confirm what has come in/gone out of a warehouse etc. Either way, it’s still a great way to earn money without the requirement of special education.

  • Assemblers

Lastly, another entry in no-degree jobs in Toronto is being an assembler. This would require plenty of manual labour, and depending on the company's preferences; you may even need to travel to certain areas, or work in a warehouse. Read the job post carefully to get an idea of what you are applying for.
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